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  • March 17, 2009

    Culture and leisure in Klaipeda

    Filed under: Leisure in our town. — pikrides @ 6:59

    Klaipėda is a very beautiful and dynamic city with a unique face. Many national and international events take place every year in Klaipėda. Lodging and leisure services have been well developed, with many modern, high-class hotels, cafes, restaurants, clubs and other entertainment sites inviting the town’s guests.

    The largest events in Klaipėda’s cultural life are the summer festivals: the Sea festival, which has been celebrated since 1934, and the Castle Jazz Festival. During these festivals, Klaipėda becomes the so-called “summer capital,” attracting up to a million visitors to more than 100 organized events. For all these years, all of the festival performances have remained free of charge.

    Klaipėda will have the honour of being the final port for the 2009 Tall Ships’ Races (July 31-August 03). In addition to this great maritime event, in 2009, all of Lithuania will celebrate the millennium anniversary of the first reference to the country’s name.

    From July 22-26, 2009, KlaipÄ—da will have the honour of becoming the 25th city to host the 46th annual “Europeade.” During this outstanding festival, approximately 5000 participants from over 20 countries will represent their cultures through dance, songs, and crafts.





    Many entertainment activities are offered in Klaipėda: recreational fishing, swimming, diving, yachting, parachute jumps, scenic flights, bowling and billiard clubs, nightclubs, casino, bars, restaurants, and more. For those who love active recreation, the city’s splendid bicycle route is a very good choice. As part of the European Cycle Route network, EuroVelo, this excellent path allows cyclists to reach both Nida and Palanga; two of Lithuania’s finest resorts. Comprising three separate segments, the coastal path of the bicycle route spans 216 km. Cyclists who start their journey in Klaipėda may choose to travel north towards the Latvian border, across the Curonian Lagoon to Kursiu Nerija (Nida), or south along the coast to Rusne Island.

    Klaipėda is surrounded by white sandy beaches, natural sand dunes, the Baltic Sea, and the Curonian Lagoon. The 98 km long Curonian Spit is covered in pure, white sand, and boasts having the best beaches in the Baltic region. On December 2, 2000, the Curonian Spit was inscribed into UNESCO’s World Heritage List as a valuable and unique cultural landscape in the Baltic region.

    A very important detail that Lithuania can definitely be proud of is the 6 white sand beaches on the Baltic coastline that have been awarded with a Blue Flag. The Blue Flag Program in Lithuania is run by a non-governmental environmental organization Lithuanian Green Movement which is an active member of Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

    An especially unique place in KlaipÄ—da is the Sea Museum and Dolphinarium, where visitors can see concerts and dolphin shows! Also, dolphin therapy is performed for mentally or physically handicapped children in order to improve their physical and emotional health. The Sea Museum, with its great variety of expositions, receives more visitors annually than any other museum in Lithuania.

    Many activities in Klaipėda highlight the importance of maritime culture: the summer regattas of yachts and sailing boats, cruise liners docking at Klaipėda’s port, ferries for passengers and freight; all of these things bring us closer to the sea.


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