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  • December 28, 2013

    Is HX sand maker the good choice for you?

    Filed under: concrete mixers — amily @ 6:13

    Currently, the new Hongxing VI Sand maker and VC Sand maker are applied across the country, and widely applied to construction, water conservancy and hydropower, transportation, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields. Hongxing Machinery sand washing machine, vibrating screen, cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher can also be supporting the use of the sand maker. Combination of a high efficiency, large crushing ratio, product specification excellent sand and gravel production line. This configuration is the customer the ideal choice of economy and reliable.

    As the insurance device of jaw crusher, thrust plate is generally cast by a whole cast iron, two pieces of thrust plates are connected by a screw to be an overall thrust plate. When the non-crushed materials, such as broken steel segment, iron and other non-broken materials enter into jaw crusher crushing cavity, equipment load increases; thrust plate then can protect the main components of equipment from being damaged.

    The VI series sand maker has the following features and benefits:

    1. High production of crushing has the function of fine crushing and rough grinding.

    2. Simple structure, easy to set up and repair, low cost in operation.

    3. Excellent shape of product, mainly the product shape is cubic with small fraction of elongated flaky particle shape, suitable for aggregate shaping, manufactured sand.

    Hongxing VI series sand maker has several features under following.

    1. Low running costs, simple and reasonable structure

    2. High crushing rare, low energy costing

    As China’s economy continues to develop, pebbles sand making machine has become one of the indispensable equipment in the construction of large-scale projects of major national. This Sand Maker is the ideal production equipmentin the field of engineering mechanisms sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate. Widely used in the mining sector, grinding the preceding process, it can produce large amounts of iron ore fines, reducing the high cost of grinding load As the series sand making excellent low wear characteristics, the device is highly abrasive and secondary the disintegration crushing adopted. http://www.hxjqmining.com/news/n14.html


    Some general information about cone crusher

    Filed under: concrete mixers — amily @ 6:13

    Hongxing company is a professional mining machinery manufacturer. Hydraulic cone crusher is mainly used as primary and secondary and fine crushing machine.Hydraulic cone crusher main frame is mainly consisted of upper frame and lower frame. Upper frame is also called stationary outer cone which is made of manganese steel plate in the lining, lower frame is casted with level shaft sleeve bushing.

    Cone crusher is getting more and more important in mining and construction industry.Cone crusher is widely applied for secondary and fine crushing equipment in mineral and construction industry. Hongxing company as top mining machinery manufacturer introduces the installation procedure of cone crusher.

    Cone crusher row ore mouth:when two crusher components spin the pendulum to the nearest position,the distance between two points at the bottom of the two broken elements,is called a row ore mouth.Product granularity is controlled by row ore mouth.

    Minimum row ore mouth:when the two crusher components on the nearest location, at the bottom of the two broken components allows the minimum distance between two points is called minimum row ore mouth.

    The ownership of all the information including the photos and product specifications belongs to Hongxing Heavy Industry,If reproduced,please indicate the original source and the statement of the enterprise,any infringement may lead to the civil,administrative or criminal responsibility.

    We should count the spare parts quantities before installation, check and clear out the broken spare parts in transportation, and remove protective coating,dust and contaminate in process of packing and transportation.Cone crusher is coated with dry oil when installed on the fixed contact surface;and it is coated with dilute oil when cone crusher is installed on the active surface.

    Stone crusher is mainly consisted of jaw crusher,cone crusher,impact crusher,double roller crusher, hammer crusher and vertical impact crusher etc.Stone crusher is divided into three categories primary , secondary and fine crushing equipment,Stone crusher is widely used for crushing equipment in the fields of mining, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and so on.Stone crusher can crush materials with Moh’s scale in middle and high hardness such as ironstone, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, rock and so on.

    Hongxing sand maker is widely used in China

    Filed under: concrete mixers — amily @ 6:12

    The sand maker is widely used, it can be crushing the materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3. So there are many combining stone named sand maker,such as pebbles Sand Maker, limestone sand maker, granite sand maker, basalt sand maker.

    Thrust plate of mining crushing process not only plays the role of protecting device, also can effectively regulate the size of jaw crusher discharging mouth.

    The trust plate is linked with movable jaw of the crushing equipment, movable jaw plate can pass dynamic action by reciprocating swing operation back and forth, in some cases, it effectively protect the safety of equipment; the length of the thrust plate can control the size of the port of discharge so that control discharging granularity of products.

    The rotation should be consistent with the direction of the Sand Maker signs, if it and the signs in the opposite direction, the motor wiring should be adjusted, so that the rotation consistent with the signs, and non-rotating in the opposite direction. Dual-motor drive, main bearing and both sides of the motor, the same number of V-belt connected to the spindle assembly should be adjusted accordingly straight. Production before the first empty load test machine, no problem confirmed by the test machine before production.

    VI series new sand maker is a symbol of the the sand making advances in technology today, it’s a great role in promoting the development of China’s machinery industry. With the steadily advancing stimulate domestic demand and the western development plan, open key highway, railway, construction, water conservancy, electric power, airport and other infrastructure projects built, you need this equipment as backing.


    Hongxing machinery did not stop the pace of innovation, have been continuous efforts, new sand making equipment produced such as limestone sand maker, quartz sand making machine, calcite sand maker also went on the market by the customerwide acclaim, and become the customers more trustworthy sand maker equipment.


    December 3, 2013

    The General Conduction of Drying Equipments

    Filed under: concrete mixers — amily @ 7:33

    Drying equipment is mainly used for drying materials with some moisture and granularity in ore beneficiation, building material, metallurgy and chemical department. Rotary dryer has high adaptability to the materials so that it can be used for drying all kinds of materials, and in addition, the operation of this equipment is simple and reliable, for this reason, it get wide application. Monocular cooler is one of the important machines of the rotary kiln system and its functions are to cool the clinker from the rotary kiln from 1000-1300? to below 200? and to improve the quality and grind ability of the clinker.

    There are many types of drying in industry and daily life. Some common drying methods are drum drying, vacuum drying, freeze drying, dielectric drying and supercritical drying.Drying was widely applied in food industry, wood (as part of Timber processing), industrial field, chemistry, paper and washing powder. It plays an important role in our life.

    Select simple structure, an adequate supply of spare parts, high reliability, long life drying device, drying equipment must be able to apply to specific materials, and meet the material dry basic requirements, and to meet the amount of processing, dehydration, quality and other aspects of the basic requirements, low running costs, equipment, energy-consuming, labor costs, maintenance costs, spare parts, etc. operating costs to be kept as low as possible, low energy consumption, energy consumption indicators of different drying methods.grain drying equipment

    General conduction drying thermal efficiency of stone washing machine theoretically up to 100%, convection drying only about 70%, according to the local average annual temperature, humidity choose the right dryer, but also to select the appropriate bake according to the size of the installation site and dry.

    Hongxing Machinery is a specialized company producing various dryers and it is famous in China and overseas. The dryers can be used to dry the wet materials, such as limestone, sand, river sand, clay, quartz sand, grain slag, slurry, etc.The products are sold well in home and abroad.

    drying equipment: http://www.hxjqmining.com/pro/dryer_machine.html

    November 27, 2013

    Hongxing Roll Crusher Features Reliable Performance

    Filed under: concrete mixers — amily @ 4:24

    Hongxing roll crusher is suitable to the industries of coal, metallurgy, mineral, chemical and construction materials, and it is more suitable to crush raw coal of big coal mine or coal separating plant. The electrical motor and speed reducer was connected by distance limited hydraulic turbo coupling, which prevents the dynamic overload and sensory overload for safe operation. The distance between the toothed rolls is adjusted by hydraulic and the bearing of the toothed rolls was centralized lubricated. It has the features of optimal designing of gear shape, the choice crushing between tension and cutting, high efficiency with low consumption, uniform production size.

    Roll crusher features reliable performance, simple maintenance and low cost and so on. What’s more, the biggest advantage of roll crusher is its adjustable discharge granularity. In order to meet different clients’ needs, we produce a series of roll crusher, such as double-tooth roll crusher and four-tooth roll crusher and so on. Roll crusher is high working efficiency and lower price, Roll crusher is mainly used to crush stone to process cement. Especially, roll crusher has been the first choice to crush brittle and tough material in metallurgy, chemical, electricity and coal industry.

    Specialized roll crusher of Hongxing Machinery timely trace latest technology of grate cooler clinker crushing at home and abroad. Roll crusher intensively make investigation, study comparison, develop, test and have developed KGP440 roll crusher from crushing mechanism, structure, property maintenance and use effects etc. At present, roll crusher has supporting used in partial production line, crusher effectively solve big shake of clinkerhammer crusher, high power consumption, strict hammer wearing, clinker roll crusher have shorter service life, large scale in difficulties.

    Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional organic fertilizer making machine, mobile crusher plant manufacturer, and our products have been highly praised by the customers at home and abroad.

    roller crusher: http://www.plantcrushing.com/pros/roll-crusher.html
    teeth roll crusher: http://www.breaker-machine.com/roll-crusher/teeth-roll-crusher.html