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  • December 26, 2013

    Vista general de todo tipo de trituradoras de mineral de cobre de la competencia el rendimiento

    Filed under: mining machinery — joyalcrusher @ 4:06

    Trituradora de cono de mineral de hierro: trituradora de cono móvil de carbón es de roca móvil trituración fina máquina en este proceso. Tiene este tipo : ZYS trituradora de cono , trituradora de cono hidráulica , etc trituradora de cono de primavera es la trituradora de cono de mañana, siendo la trituradora de cono hidráulica se ajusta mediante dispositivo hidráulico y lubricado por el aceite diluido. Y con bloqueo de montaje de la manga , se puede superar el problema del petróleo y el agua que se mezclan entre sí .
    El carbón es una roca sedimentaria de color negro o marrón- negro fácilmente combustible que normalmente ocurre en los estratos de roca en capas o venas llamados yacimientos de carbón . Las formas más duras , tales como el carbón de antracita , pueden ser considerados como roca metamórfica debido a la exposición más adelante a temperatura y presión elevadas . El carbón se compone principalmente de carbono , junto con cantidades variables de otros elementos, principalmente el azufre , el hidrógeno , el oxígeno y la trituradora nitrogen.Impact : trituradora de impacto de carbón es también la máquina de trituración común del carbón . Se utiliza después de la trituradora de mandíbulas para la trituración secundaria . Placa de impacto con alto contenido de cromo es wearable.The trituración planta común incluye alimentador vibratorio como la alimentación de material a la trituradora de mandíbula , que es la trituradora de mandíbula como primaria . Si la necesidad trituradora secundaria , la trituradora de cono o trituradora de impacto puede ser utilizado. Después de la trituración primaria , el carbón puede ser alimentado al molino de bolas para la molienda fina . Para aumentar Molino de bolas con eficacia, el molino de carbón vertical u molino de polvo grueso se pueden ajustar antes de Molino de bolas como pre- molienda .

    Con el fin de utilizar el carbón de manera más racional , eficiente y eficaz, necesita el carbón para ser procesado y triturado en diferentes tamaños , 0 ~ 25 mm de tamaño de partícula para la estufa de gas de carbón , 25 ~ 8 mm para la locomotora de vapor, 25 ~ 6 mm para la industrial planta de energía del horno y carbón requiere carbón de grano de 0 ~ 25 mm. Así que el proceso de carbón en la planta de preparación de carbón incluye la trituración de carbón y la trituradora de carbón milling.Jaw : trituradora de mandíbula carbón es la máquina de trituración más común . Por lo general, se utiliza como máquina de trituración primaria con alta proporción de trituración , alta capacidad, poco polvo , de poco ruido y un rendimiento fiable , etc El uso de dos placas de mandíbula extruir las brasas primas a trozos pequeños.

    December 12, 2013

    Hongxing beneficiation Production Line offer much convinence

    Filed under: mining machinery — amily @ 1:49

    Gold ore beneficiation would be to separate gold ore from rock ore and also a multi-step approach, that requires grinding the rock ore, creating a liquid alternative, which includes additives to cause the gold ore to precipitate from the answer and gathering the gold. Following the gold is separated from the ore, it can be additional refined to take out impurities. Gold ore found in thick veins is economically easy to separate from the rock ore independent in the selling price of gold ore; nevertheless, gold ore particles present in big rock ore deposits are only economically possible to separate once the rate of gold ore is high.

    Magnetite Production Line can offer a lot of convinient, you can know the three main tips.

    A. The crushed magnetite particles are sorted by the magnetic separator according to the grade of magnetism. And then those magnetite particles of different magnetism are delivered to the flotator.

    B. Add a certain amount of beneficiation reagents to the flotator, above all, different mineral properties call for different reagents.

    C. After the process of beneficiation, the thickener will reduce the moisture, and the drier will parch the products.

    Magnetite Production Line Manufacturer ; Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional producer and exporter of crushing and powder making equipment. It is our honor and duty to offer you a whole production line of magnate, including the jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, thickener, drier and other equipment. We have formed a whole production chain with main products, including the crushing machinery, grinding machinery, sand-making machinery, flotation machine, and vibrating feeder, etc. Currently, Products made by Hongxing have been exported to more than 130 countries and are widely used in the global mining and construction industry. With innovation and enthusiasm, Hongxing will constantly provide better products and better services for our distinguished custom.

    ore processing plant: http://www.breaker-machine.com/ore.html

    How about the quality and performance of spiral classifier?

    Filed under: mining machinery — amily @ 1:49

    The spiral classifier is one of the common equipment in flotation separating process. And it is the key equipment in flotation separating process. Spiral classifier is suitable for dewatering, medium, drainage ad spraying in ore dressing for medium and fine material wet and dry classifying in mine. Spiral classifier is one of the important devices of the dry powder preparation processing in the industry of building materials, chemicals, food processing and other industries.

    The attrition of spiral classifier blades, when the blades getting worn, the circulating load will decrease, which coarsens the grinding fineness. In addition, if the blades get worn badly, the service life of spiral classifier will be affected seriously. Therefore, it is necessary to check the wear pattern of the blades and change the wearing blades in time. The parameter ofball mill speed, classifier speed and blades spacing is determinate value. It is important to pay attention to the parameter when buying the spiral classifier.

    Henan Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a mining machinery manufacturer approved by the government. We professionally engage in production of euro coarse grinding, coarse powder mill, crusher, sand maker, which is the important equipment of the sand production line, and many other equipment. We also provide a complete set of crushing production line equipment.

    Hongxing’s screw classifiers are designed to provide the most effective pool area and overflow velocity requirements.

    Spiral separator is one mining machine used for ore dressing production, which precipitated in the liquid at different speeds by means of the proportion of solid objects.

    Over the years’ development of economy, machinery industry also develops in full swing, and each big manufacturer also pushes out new products constantly. At the same time, the condition brings negative effects. Hongxing has considered this problem, so it produces a new batch of sand extraction system. Please contact us.

    spiral classifier: http://www.sellmill.com/products/26.html

    Spiral classifier is very applicable for distributing ore

    Filed under: mining machinery — amily @ 1:49

    The spiral classifier matches with ball mill to form a closed circuit for ore concentrating. When used in the gravity concentrator, the combination can also grade ore and fine mud, and do particle size classification in metal slurry beneficiation process. Besides, this set of spiral classifier and ball mill can be used for washing off mud and dehydration. The machine is reliable, and easy to operate.

    Single spiral classifier generally make up of the motor drive unit, a pair of leather wheel, reducer, cylindrical gear transmission. Double spiral classifier transmission unit generally consists of motor, coupling, reducer, a pair of cylindrical gear pair, and two pairs of conical gear transmission.

    Spiral classifier (Screw classifier) is widely used for distributing ore in the close circuit with ball mill, grading ore and fine slit in the gravity mill, grading granularity in the flow of metal ore-dressing and declining and dehydrating in the washing. Advantages are simple structure, reliable working condition and convenient operation. According to the principle that different grains are with different specific gravity and sedimentation rate in the liquid, the fine ore flows in the water and the coarse ore sinks in the bottom. The classifier that has machine grading by discharging from the top can filtrate the materials and send coarse materials to the feeding mouth and discharge the fine material from the pipe. The seat of the machine adopts channel steel and body adopts armor plate and the spiral axle adopts cast iron, so it’s durable. The lifting equipment has two types, by electricity and hand.

    The spiral classifier is one of the common equipment in flotation separating process. And it is the key equipment in flotation separating process. Spiral classifier is suitable for dewatering, medium, drainage ad spraying in ore dressing for medium and fine material wet and dry classifying in mine.

    china spiral classifier?http://www.breaker-machine.com/classifier/

    Cooling machine is widely used for cooling fine materials

    Filed under: mining machinery — amily @ 1:49

    A cooling machine is regularly used for cooling fine chemical materials in building material production, metallurgic and chemical industries, cement production lines, and compound fertilizer production Tlines, and more. It is applicable for cooling materials like slag, limestone, coal powder, and clay, etc.

    First, the coupling rod pin worn or broken after a larger gap, causing reducer is not running smoothly, and affect the normal spur gear meshing, thereby affecting the conical gear transmission is not smooth, holding pin should be checked regularly for wear and to master its replacement cycle, so that timely replacement, to avoid affecting the entire drive system running smoothly.

    Second, cylindrical gear or bevel gear is worn more serious; resulting in vibration, affecting the entire transmission smooth replacement of the standard should be based on the timely replacement of worn gear.

    Our Hongxing limited company design and production of the Ball mill for limestone equipment also is way of dressing, the specific process: Mining of ore by jaw crusher preliminary broken in, to a reasonable size broken through after lifting machine, feeder evenly into the Ball mill for limestone, Ball mill for limestone for ore by crushing, grinding. YK series circular vibrating screen with circular motion, is dedicated to the quarry screening material stone design, but also for coal, ore dressing, building materials, power and chemical industries to do product grading. jaw crusher ( jaw crusher) is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, ceramics and refractories industries as well as the broken and crushing various ores and rocks with hard.

    Third, the spindle liner wear is more serious, spindle sinking, spur gear or bevel gear meshing clearance does not meet specification requirements, resulting in transmission is not smooth, then should promptly repair or replace the spindle sleeve and adjust the gear backlash meet the requirements. if you are interested in us. If you have some interest in us, you can contact us.

    jaw crusher china: http://www.hxjq-crusher.com/

    What is the problem of limestone crushing in production line?

    Filed under: mining machinery — amily @ 1:49

    The first problem is limetone broken in cement production line. Crusher is the key to solve this problem and jawcrusher is most widely used. Jaw crusher is a common used machine in mining machinery industry,points coarse broken and fine broken two kinds,Is the most widely used crusher.It is have the advantages of Big crushing ratio, finished product with granularity, running low cost, simple structure, convenient maintenance, etc.

    This series of crushers have a fixed jaw and a movable jaw, with the former fixed in front of the rack and the latter hanging on the mandrel. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the connecting rod moves from top to bottom, which makes the two thrust plates move repeatedly. With the pushing of the thrust plates, the movable jaw hanging on the mandrel can move from side to side.

    When the movable jaw ways to the fixed jaw, the materials falling to the cavity will be crushed by the squeezing of the boards. When the movable jaw leaves the fixed jaw, the crushed materials will be discharged from the discharge port under the cavity due to gravity. Thus, the working of mobile Jaw Crushers is intermittent, with the processing of crushing alternates with that of discharging. Furthermore, since the movable jaw moves around the mandrel while it is working, the crushing ratio has always been 3 to 6. Due to its simple movement, this type of Jaw Crusher is also called Simple Swing Type Jaw Crusher.

    Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. Hongxing is a production of large and medium-sized series of ore crushing, milling machinery industry mainly specialized in mining crushing machinery and industrial milling machine R & D and manufacturing, R & D, production, sales as one of the international type tech heavy equipment manufacturing company.

    Hongxing mining company is a professional manufactuer producing various mining equipments, if you want some jaw crushers, you can contact us. Hongxing company will welcome your arrival and visit.

    china mobile crushers: http://www.breaker-machine.com/mobile-crusher/

    December 11, 2013

    Trituradora móvil es adecuado en la industria de la construcción

    Filed under: mining machinery — joyalcrusher @ 2:45

    Residuos de la construcción como grava y hormigón puede ser reutilizado como buiding materiales después de la molienda . Los residuos se pueden triturar sólo después de haber recogido el metal del agregado de la construcción. Un conjunto completo de planta de trituración se compone de trituradora de mandíbula, cinta transportadora, y tamiz vibratorio . Trituradora móvil ( también llamada trituradora portátil ) se elige generalmente para aplastar materiales de piedra debido a su conveniencia y de alto rendimiento .
    Todo el proceso es el siguiente: En primer lugar, se enviará residuos de la construcción de la trituradora de mandíbulas para la trituración primaria , y luego a la trituradora de impacto para la trituración secundaria . Además , con el fin de obtener partículas finas , los residuos de construcción entrará en la trituradora de cono . Por último , los residuos de la construcción tiene que pasar por el tamiz vibratorio para tamizar a cabo el reciclaje de residuos sizes.Construction partícula adecuado se refiere a la separación y el reciclaje de materiales de desecho reutilizables generados durante la construcción de varios proyectos. Materiales potencialmente reutilizables incluyen materiales de embalaje , restos y escombros , etc Además , electrodomésticos, materiales de mampostería , puertas y ventanas se pueden reciclar para otros de reciclaje de residuos uses.Construction es de gran importancia , como los residuos de construcción ” s impacto en el medio ambiente se presenta con universidad , la vaguedad y la naturaleza de histéresis .
    JOYAL Machinery es uno de los mayores fabricantes de equipos de trituración diferentes en el mercado interno . Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar profesional planta de trituración de residuos de construcción avanzada, como la trituradora de mandíbula , trituradora de impacto , trituradora de cono y la trituradora móvil. Trituradora móvil es absolutamente el equipo más ideal entre todas las trituradoras de construcción. JOYAL Maquinaria ” s serie trituradora móvil incluyen principalmente trituradora móvil de mandíbula, trituradora de impacto móvil , trituradora de cono móvil, y el tipo de residuos crusher.Construction rastreador móvil está generalmente triturado en tamaños apropiados en la planta de trituración .