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The Grundtvig group in Cyprus

Seminar in Cyprus

During the first meeting the partners from Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Norway presented their own institutions and they introduced the project "A New Chance" to the Local Authorities, colleagues and teachers of Nicosia. The partners presented in the working sessions, the first results of the work done since the seminar in Trondheim and the work regarding the web-page. The hosts had made an excellent program with sightseeings, visits in Pedagogicals Centres and social activities, we still remember the marvellous lunches and dinners Cyprian style. At the last session we prepared the new application for 2007 - 2009.

Pictures from the seminar

Dinner1 Dinner2

Dinner at a Cyprian Greek restaurant.

They are also eating at the other end of the table.

Lunch Greekcoffee

Lunch between the meeting sessions

The expert making Greek coffee the original way

Wall Amfi

The wall at ”Checkpoint Charlie” in  Nicosia

Sightseeing at historical places in Cyprus