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Seminar in Trondheim October the 2nd – October 6th 2006.

The programme started at Brundalen upper secondary school, where the participants were introduced to each other and the school. Lunch was served at the school before we went on a guided tour of the town and its surroundings. In the evening there was dinner at Guri Stokka’s home, where she and Sigrun made traditional Norwegian dish, “fårikål,” a casserole with mutton and cabbage.

On Tuesday 3rd the first workshop was held at Statens Hus. During that session different things were discussed, such as plans for the first project year, meeting table and sharing projects and thoughts. The homepage was also discussed. After the workshop, the group went to Trondheim Prison for lunch and to visit and see the prison. At Trondheim Prison we got some information about the prison. Then we were guided through the prison cells and to the school within the prison. At the school we got information about their working methods and what results they have achieved working with adult learning, especially with youth businesses. That evening, dinner was held at Tårnrestauranten, a revolving restaurant at the top of the Tyholt tower. After dinner there was coffe avec at Tor Aas’s home.

On Wednesday 4th the first half of the day was spent on a workshop. The focus was on projects to work with in the first project year and which topics to focus on in the second project meeting. After the workshop the group went to Leira open prison for lunch and information about adult pedagogical approach at the prison. This evening we went to Johan Fløan’s home at Skatval for dinner. We had a lovely dinner in beautiful surroundings in the countryside at Skatval.

Thursday 5th the group had an excursion to the town of Røros. Unfortunately, Johan had fallen seriously ill during the night, so all the participants were concerned about his health. Because of this illness the project leadership had to be reorganised during the first year of the project period. Also by now some of the participants had left Trondheim, but those who were left had a fine trip to Røros. We made a round trip, driving up Tydalen on the way up to Røros and down Gauldalen on the way back to Trondheim. At Røros we visited the Olav mine and had a guided tour in the old copper mine. We made a brief stop at Røros upper secondary school before we walked in Røros town and ended our visit at Tor’s house in Røros. Here we made Norwegian waffles and served with jam and sour cream.

The last day started with a guided tour through the central parts of Trondheim. After this walk, the last plan for the further work in the project was discussed and the project group went to the Follow-up base for lunch and information about the school. This was the last item on the programme and afterwards the project members went home. The last workshop was shortened because of Johan Fløans illness. The project is well on the way, but there have been some difficulties because of the changes in leadership of the project.

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The Meeting in Trondheim 16 – 20 May 2009.

PROGRAM  FOR MEETING IN TRONDHEIM, Grundtvig 2 Project, ”A new chance” 16 - 20 May 2009

Saturday 16/5

Sunday 17/5 Monday 18/5 Tuesday 19/5 Wednesday 20/5

Our guests will we escorted from the hotel for the parade together with Brundalen vgs.

Brundalen will start marching from “ytre Kongsgård”

Transportation to Brundalen upper secondary school.

Final discussions and evaluation of the project. Working on the final report.

Start from hotel.
Ferry to Fosen
Visitt to Fosen  Folkehøyskole, Rissa (Grundtvig school)
Visiting museum ”Kystens Arv”and workshops for building Viking ships ”look a like”

Departure date.

No official program.

Lunch at the Follow up base

Lunch at the Cantina of Brundalen

Lunch at museum


After lunch looking at life in the city.
The parade for organisations, “Folketoget” starts at this time.
We pay a visit to Blussuvold school to see how schoolchildren and families are celebrating the day


Guided tour in historical Trondheim

Leaving for Trondheim
Back in Trondheim. Farewell to the Lithuanians who are leaving for the airport.

Shopping in the city.

Arrival date.

Dinner at Tors home

Transportation to Cathrine’s home for dinner. This will be the last dinner with all the participants present and  will thereby be the official ending of the project “A New Chance”

Transportation for dinner at “Freidig hytta”, a lodge belonging to a sports club.


17th May is Norway's National Day. This day we celebrate our Constitution from 1814 by taking part in the various parades.
The celebration begins with the parades where all the schools participate, later, we have a parade where various clubs and organizations participate, and finally the students graduating from upper secondary school have their parade.
The program started Sunday 17th May in the morning. All the seminar's participants were included in the celebration, first as observers and then taking part in the school parade under Brundalen Upper Secondary Schools banner with their respective countries' flags.
Later, we all visited a school to see how Norwegian children celebrate their national day.
A successful day was finally concluded with dinner at Tor`s place.
Monday, 18th May was the day of the workshop. The day ended with a guided tour in the city, and a short visit to the cathedral before we had dinner in Cathrine’s garden.
Tuesday the 19th May was devoted to sightseeing and the last meeting of the project “A new chance”. Most of the day was used for a trip in the area surrounding Trondheim before we finished with a dinner at a cabin belonging to the sports club Freidig.
Tuesday 19th May we also had a visit from Constantinos E. Kouskoukis, General Secretary of the Ministry of National Education in Greece. He spent a day in Trondheim, where he received information about the project and discussed possibilities for future projects.