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  • Thursday, 8 November, 2007


    Filed under: Works — Vaidas @ 1:31

    Dear friends, дата выхода pure chess

    are you ready for discussion about project activity plan? I want to suggest (after consultation with Kari Anne and Cathrine) plan about works in our project. I think, that this plan help for us to make all activity on time and help us clearly understand our goal in our project and final product of  our project.

    Please to be active in discussion about this plan!


    Till meeting in Serres we have to do:

    1. Check content on homeside: a) send changes and extra material to Per Sneeggen

    b) send all information about activity from each organisation in our project on “Works” to Per Sneegen

    2. Log on as “admin” on the “blog” and create own user on the blog.

    3. Discuss on the blog about learning platform: suggestions, price, simplicity, right for our group of students, generally about challenges regarding digital learning with adult learners.

    4. Discuss about use skype conferences between us for better comunication.

    So, till visit in Serres we have to send all new information for website, everybody learn  to use blog, choose type of learning platform. In Serres we have accept final decision about learning platform.

    Till meeting in Nicosia we have to use learning platform and change best experiense between us in digital literracy field.

    Till final meeting in Trondheim we have to prepare our best experience in digital literracy field. In Trondheim we have to present this best experience.

    After final meeting we have to create e-book. E-book have to be final product of our project. In e-book  we have summarize best experience of each organisation in digital literracy field

    I am waiting your comments and discusion.