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Correctional Institution of Klaipeda region

Correctional institution of Klaipeda region was established in 29th of December 2001 by an order of Republic of Lithuania Minister of Justice No 275 “About the Establishment of Correctional Institutions of regions Kaunas, Klaipeda, Panevezys, Siauliai, Vilnius subordinated to the Ministry of Justice”.
Prison Department to the Republic of Lithuania Ministry of Justice (thereinafter – Prison Department) Correctional Institution of Klaipeda region (thereinafter – CI of Klaipeda region or Institution) is a state institution subordinated to the Prison Department, established by an order of the director of the Prison Department in the certain territory of Republic of Lithuania for the people living in the certain territory and pursuing sentences alternative to the imprisonment (public works, liberty restriction, deprivation of public rights, restriction to work a certain work or to engage a certain activity), the delay of pursuing the sentence, conditional release from the prison, conditional release from the imprisonment before the term, the means of criminal punishment – costless work and help provided for  the people who are in the records of Institution to integrate into the society.
The Founder of CI of Klaipeda region is The Republic of Lithuania the Ministry of Justice (thereinafter – Ministry of Justice).
The address of the Institution: H. Manto 38, LT-92233, Klaipeda, Republic of Lithuania. Web site:
The CI of Klaipeda region executes these tasks:

The main means by whom the officers certain the social integration and rehabilitation of the convicts:

Our organization since 2005 year participate in some different projects at local and national level. In 2005 year we participate in follow local  projects like partners: “I want to be oneself”, “Alternative”, “Strong family, strong society”, “Trying to live in freedom”. In omnibus approach all projects are dedicated for peoples, which comes from prison, and goals of this projects are navigate on social skills  intensification of this group of people. In national level we participate in project “The privileged few”. This project  is finance from European social fund and proceed till ending 2007 year. The goal of this project – enlarge possibility for peoples, which comes from prison to integrate in labour market.
From the 1st of august 2006 in the CI of Klaipeda region there is being implemented the international project “A NEW CHANCE” funded by European Commission The Fund of Support Education Interchange. Predictably the project will be pursuing until the 31st of July 2009. The purpose of the project – to increase the social integration of the students by teaching them to use new informative technologies, with the help of the best experience of the involved institutions. The project idea originated in the 14th of September 2005-18th of September 2005 in the contact seminar of the programme Grundtvig 2 “The Digital Literacy” that took place in Bergen (Norway). Until the 31st of July 2007 in the project took part the representatives from 5 countries (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Norway and Lithuania). At this in the project there are the representatives from 4 countries (Greece, Cyprus, Norway and Lithuania).
In the 2006 and 2007 by prosecuting the Project the officers of CI of Klaipeda region visited Norway, Cyprus and Italy. During the visits they went to the educational and correctional institution of the countries-project partners. The get acquainted with their work specifics and shared their best experience in the work with new informative technologies. On the base of the best experience in 2007 in CI of Klaipeda region there was created and began to act “The Programme of the Teaching to work with the new informative technologies for People who are under their sentence alternative to the imprisonment”. In the Programme there can participate for free all the convicts who are in the records of the CI of Klaipeda region. The purpose of the Programme – to help for these people to achieve and develop their skills of the digital literacy.
As prosecuting this project the officers of the CI of Klaipeda region develop their English skills in the courses organized by an English American School. These courses are also financed by the European Commission The Fund of Support Education Interchange.

The contact persons who participate in the project “A NEW CHANCE”:





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