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This e-book is a final product of the project "A New Chance" that was pursued from 2006 until 2009. In this e-book all the activity of the project "A New Chance" is being reviewed: the institutions participated in the project introduced, the summary of the project meetings represented and the good experience of every institution in a field of digital literacy are being represented. In the e-book also the activity executed in the project there is being represented. At the end of the e-book all the institutions- project participants value the benefit they got from the project “A New Chance”.
This is the short version of the e-book. If you have interest, full version of this e-book with all the project “A New Chance” activity  you can get from project members.




Adult Education Centres of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Cyprus)

Maria Yiannouri -
Pambos Pikrides -

Second Chance School of Serres (Greece)

Dimitrios Sotiriadis -
Argyro Kokkinaki -
Paris Papapanagiotou -
Eleni Koriofylli -

CTP Centro Territoriale Permaneute per I'istruzione e la Formazione in Eta Adulta (Italy)

Carmen Marcello -
Daria Fignagnani -
Antonio Rossin -
Marinella Longhi -

Correctional Institution of Klaipeda region (Lithuania)

Juras Kilijonas -
Aurika Stanislovaitiene -
Asta Zuzeviciene –
Ramunas Simkus -
Vidmantas Staponas -
Zivile Budginiene -                     Inga Jonikiene -
Birute Pralgauskiene -
Laura Rackauskiene -
Vaidas Virsilas -

Brundalen Upper Secondary School (Norway)

Kari Anne Nordgård -
Odd Harald Dahl -
Guri Ragna Stokka -
Tor Aas -
Cathrine Tronshart -
Per Steinar Sneeggen -




Project meeting


In Trondheim

October the 2nd – October 6th 2006

In Nicosia

March the 14th –  the 18th 2007

In Rovigo 

June the 6th – June 10th 2007

In Klaipėda

October the 17th – October 21st 2007

In Serres

May the 7th – May 11th 2008

In Nicosia

November the 19th – November 23th 2008

In Trondheim

May the 16th – May 20th 2009





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January 2009

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February 2009

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February 2009

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March 2009

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April 2009

Greece - Second Chance School of Serres:
When trainers and trainees exchange ideas and points of view through educational visits or Internet, when the educational practices are diffused, then the vision for schools without borders finds the opportunity to be materialized and brings close people who speak a common language. The sensitive beyond localistic elevations language of human beings who are possessed by a continuous search to be upgraded professionally in order to upgrade. The language of trainers and in this case of adults’ trainers.
When people, trainers and trainees, tour cities of north or Mediterranean south, come in contact with people who believe they are distant, but they see them so familiar, rock in the hearing of new music, second in a language that they don’t speak, taste meals that are different from those they are used to, accept the warm hospitality of people that have just met, then they manage to speak the same language. The language which is far away from racial perceptions of people who are possessed by a continuous search to know and to be known in order to give.
Trainees and trainers of adults, therefore, all of us who were lucky to participate in the European Program “A new Chance”, reduce to nothing the distances, abolish the borders, moving daily among Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Cyprus and Greece in our effort to give in digital technology and education the human dimension that they ought to have.
In this sense the whole project was a life long educational experience. In detail one of the best experience is considered to be the creation of the Workshop Communication via Internet, which gave the opportunity to our trainees to communicate with the trainees of the other participating institutions and get in touch with the published stuff that they had produced. From the majority of the positive experiences which we acquired participating in this project we selected the ones we consider as original in each meeting that took place. More specifically:

1st: Trondheim, Norway 2-6 October 2006

During the first seminar in Trondheim, we had the opportunity to visit Brundalen Upper Secondary School. It was a good experience because we saw not only the equipment and facilities of a foreign school but also we had the chance to see how pupils attend computer lessons. We also had some interesting information about Trondheim Prison, we visited there for the first time an open prison and we had also seen the good work taking place there.

2nd: Nicosia, Cyprus

It was interesting visiting Pedagogical Centres and attending social activities like dancing, sewing, cooking etc).

3rd: Rovigo, Italy 6-10 June 2007

It was interesting visiting Duca d’Aosta school and Palazzo San Bonifacio, where our workshops took place.

4th: Klaipeda, Lithuania 17-21 October 2007

We got acquainted with the personnel of Klaipeda city and Klaipeda region Correctional institution and saw how it worked. The visit also at the Inquisition Isolator of Siauliai city was an original experience for us.

5th: Serres, Greece 7-11 May 2008

An interesting experience was the meeting which was organized and presented officially the participating teams. It was also a good experience for our colleagues the presentation once again from Norwegian Kari Anne Nordgård how she uses the learning platform (LMS) with her pupils.

6th: Nicosia,Cyprus 19-23 November 2008

An interesting experience was the tourist attractions and the interesting archaeological places we visited. We also had a very good experience by communicating via Skype with trainees of Cyprus Adult Education Centres

Cyprus - Adult Education Centres of the Ministry of Education and Culture:
Through  the project  “A NEW CHANCE”, we  had the chance  to share and exchange practices in the field of teaching new information technologies (like skype,  email ,Web Blog ) between learners and educators. We manage to share our experiences and reach further conclusions on the approached of teaching ICT to adult learners.
The expected results of the Project like a Web Page and an e-book have been completed. We used different ways of disseminating the results of the project like seminars, conference and through internet.

In this project participated 5 different countries, Lithuanian, Italy, Norway, Greece and Cyprus. The partners are composed of different institutions and work with different target groups. We benefited from the differences between the partners and from their experiences in different approaches of specific target group. We had opportunity to learn from each other and we believe e that at  the end of the Project we  reached  a high level of competence  concerning learning methods as well as a means to  approach our tasks towards our learners.

We have improved the quality of work using new technologies. We have encouraged adult people to use internet and exchange opinions on different categories in the Student Blog in our Web Page.

The best experience was the live conference with the colleagues from Serres using the program SKYPE. This was a nice experience for the learners because they see how easy are to break the borders of distance and co-operate with learners from other countries.
Norway - Brundalen Upper Secondary School:
A project like this creates understanding and inspiration for all participants. We meet people from different cultures, traditions and background. This leads to good and interesting discussions.
Through the exchange of information and common meetings the insight both for the staff and the learners about different European cultures has increased.

We are very pleased with the creation and use of the project's homepage, to work and the use of it have given us new knowledge and experiences. The Homepage makes it easy to get an overview of the whole project, here are all the presentations, information about the project, seminar reports, etc. collected. Web blog has made it easy for all partners to communicate in a straightforward manner.

The project has given us many good suggestions in the teaching of adults. Through the submission of various teaching plans, we have received both the inspiration for new ideas and confirmation of what we feel is going well.

At all the meetings we have used presentations where students have used digital tools. We have gained very good experience during the pupils' preparation for these presentations. We believe that the inspiration and the activity the students have shown in these works, has led to greater confidence and security for them, which makes them better able to cope with everyday life.

Through the use of student blog our students have practice English in a learning way, which has been a great inspiration and motivation for them in their work with the language. The knowledge and experience they have learned using the blog makes them better capable to use this means of communication later.

We feel that the work in the project has led to achieving the goals we had with the project: Active use of ICT, working with digital tools, for example digital chambers, PC, blogs, and more.

A project that includes visits to other countries leads, of course, to greater cultural understanding and knowledge of each other. The fact that we are invited home to our hosts when we are visiting gives us a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the country's culture and habits.

The personal contacts have developed positively through these years and led to contacts outside of the project, this is a good result of the cooperation.

Lithuania - Correctional Institution of Klaipeda region:

From the 1st of august 2006 in the CI of Klaipeda region there is being implemented the international project “A NEW CHANCE” funded by European Commission The Fund of Support Education Interchange. Predictably the project will be pursuing until the 31st of July 2009. The purpose of the project – to increase the social integration of the students by teaching them to use new informative technologies, with the help of the best experience of the involved institutions. The project idea originated in the 14th of September 2005-18th of September 2005 in the contact seminar of the programme Grundtvig 2 “The Digital Literacy” that took place in Bergen (Norway). Until the 31st of July 2007 in the project took part the representatives from 5 countries (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Norway and Lithuania). At this in the project there are the representatives from 4 countries (Greece, Cyprus, Norway and Lithuania).
In the 2006 and 2009 by prosecuting the Project the officers of CI of Klaipeda region visited Norway, Cyprus, Italy and Greece. During the visits they went to the educational and correctional institution of the countries-project partners. The get acquainted with their work specifics and shared their best experience in the work with new informative technologies. On the base of the best experience in 2007 in CI of Klaipeda region there was created and began to act “The Programme of the Teaching to work with the new informative technologies for People who are under their sentence alternative to the imprisonment”. In the Programme there can participate for free all the convicts who are in the records of the CI of Klaipeda region. The purpose of the Programme – to help for these people to achieve and develop their skills of the digital literacy.
As prosecuting this project the officers of the CI of Klaipeda region develop their English skills in the courses organized by an English American School. These courses are also financed by the European Commission The Fund of Support Education Interchange.