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Work from students by Brundalen Upper Secondary School, Norway

This is a presentation of the school in the prison Trondheim. The school is a part of Brundalen Upper Secondary School. The first part of the presentation presents the school and the work that is being done there. In the last part of presentation we see some student projects that use digital tools as a vital part of the work process.

Welcome to Norway and Trondheim

This is an assignment given to the students attending a course within Design and handicraft at the Follow up-base. To achieve competence in using digital tools is one of the goals of this education.

Make a presentation of the youth business using digital tools, such as Power Point and digital camera, where the pictures are processed further on the computer.

The pictures and the text must be used in such a way that the presentation is easy to comprehend also for those who are not familiar with the term youth business or the art of making glass plates.

Glassbasen UB

Work by Second Chance School, Greece

Projects 2005-2006.
Projects 2004-2005.
Interdisciplinary 2004-2005.
Interdisciplinary 2005-2006.
Subject of the Projects.
Grundtvig1 Project.
Creative Writing and Multimedia.

Eduction to Democracy starts from Inside the Family, Italy


Works from Correctional Institution of Klaipeda region, Lithuanian

Project "The Elected"

Eductional Center in Cyprus

Digatal Literacy Project: VoIP - Voice over Internet