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Summary of the project.

The project intends to improve the work to enable the learners to integrate back into society. The main focus will be the different aspects of Digital Literacy, and on the methods used to help the target groups. The partners will try out different approaches to make the clients/learners overcome and/or prevent the development of digital illiteracy as well as different methods in the educational work towards the target group in general.


A part of this work will be to make local homepages with information on and links to local cultural events. Through common meetings the partners will exchange experience concerning the above topics. An outcome of the project will be proposals on good practice concerning the main topics of the project. The outcome will be presented in an e-book as well as on a common homepage.

Use of existing learning platform(s) will also be explored in the project. The project will also be used to establish (digital) contact between the partners both on staff and learner's level. The learners will also be involved in the project by taking an active part in the common meetings as well as through exchange activities and working with project topics between the meetings.